- Scarborough Wexford Raiders Coaching Staff Addition -

     Today is truly a monumental day in the history of the Scarborough Wexford Raiders Junior Hockey Club.  What already began as a big hockey program, just became a VERY big hockey program!  The program, this amazing staff has built truly is second to none in Junior hockey. And, as of today, it just became better.

     The Scarborough Wexford Raiders are pleased to announce the addition of Tate Phillips to the coaching staff. Tate runs In-Tech High performance Training, and is known as one of the most reputable development coaches in the business, personally training Ryan O'Reilly (Buffalo Sabres), Tyler Toffoli (LA Kings), Alex Pietrangelo (St. Louis Blues), and others (You can see the complete list at his website - http://tatephilips.com/).

- Worked with NHL teams ~ such as the Buffalo Sabres
- NHL players from all over the league
- NHL PA agencies and management
- Developed International and National programs
- Canadian/USA Major Junior and junior organizations and teams
- Our 30 NHL players developed
- Over 100s of players to a career in hockey

"Junior hockey has always been very important to the community in Scarborough over the years. I'm so happy to be a part of it, and helping these kids move up to the next level." ~ Tate Phillip

*Players are trained and tested on and off-ice (Powered by Sporttesting)
*Video IQ hockey awareness/game scenarios
*Fitness program/nutrition
*Body awareness/nutrition
*Pro power skating coach
*Game situational skating
*High percentage/low percentage game situations
*Puck awareness drills - how to adapt with and without the puck
*Shooting and passing awareness and options
*Puck protection/creating spaces in small areas
*Decisions using Hockey IQ
*Shoot to score - technique and options

     The Scarborough Wexford Raiders organization truly feels so excited to add Coach Philips to the program.  The building blocks of the team is creating a truly amazing program, second to none in Junior hockey, and now adding one of the best skills development coaches in all of hockey to the staff, we can truly say with confidence, Wexford is back!!!

~ Albert Klein, Owner